Edina  Kishonthy

Marriage and Family Therapist

"I Specialize in humans."

…children and adults, men and women, single or in a family.  My style is friendly and informal and, as you might have guessed, I sometimes like to use humor when building a therapeutic relationship with my clients.  

I am trained and experienced in several different methods of psychotherapy, and will use the one (or a combination of several) best suited for you particular problem, needs, and treatment time frame defined by your finances or insurance plan.  If you are feeling depressed or anxious, cognitive behavioral (CBT), solution-focused, or acceptance and commitment (ACT) therapy are excellent tools that can produce relatively fast results.  For clients with more time, I may combine the above with psychodynamic work (a method whereby the therapist explores the client's past, especially their childhood, in order to find and address the root of present problems).  When helping families or couples, I treat them as a unit, while also maintaining focus on individual members.  I consider my work done when the mother, father and child(ren) have each achieved as much comfort and relief as possible within the family's own unique circumstances,  and also improved their relationship with one another.  

(615) 481-6196

Franklin / Brentwood / Nashville, TN